• Guidelines for a Safe, Productive, and Respectful usage of an ICT Lab

    Whenever you use an ICT lab and you do not see any visible rules and regulations on how to use the facility, observe the following

  • Scholarship Opportunity: The Africa Education Initiative

    Seeking funding for Your School? Look no further! The Africa Education Initiative (NEF) is currently accepting applications for the Berenice Douglas & Suzanne Williams (BD&SW) Memorial School.

  • Master Your Learning Journey: Six Essential Steps to Overcome Social Media’s Negative Impact

    As a student, discover how to maximize your learning experience by effectively managing social media's potential distractions, time consumption, and information overload with these six practical steps.

  • Feeling Frustration And How You Could Deal With It

    People I (Mostly) Admire is a podcast hosted by Steven Levitt, the iconoclastic University of Chicago economist and co-author of the Freakonomics book series, who tracks down other high achievers and asks questions that only he would think to ask. Guests include all-time Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, Harvard psychologist and linguist Steven Pinker, and WNBA champion Sue Bird. The weekly show features conversations with a wide array of guests — from actresses to athletes, authors to inventors.

  • SomaApp: An Easy Way to Access Scholarships for Africans

    Financial assistance is a necessity for many college students, particularly those planning careers that require many years of education beyond the undergraduate level. Scholarships have unique benefits and are the most desirable form of financial aid. Many are merit-based or awarded as recognition for certain achievements. Like grants, scholarships do not have to be repaid. But grants are often need-based, so scholarships are more prestigious and can enhance your resume as well as help you pay for your education.

  • Group Studying and Its Effectiveness to Learners

    Have you ever wondered why it is important to form an effective study group? Effective study grouops can help students learn course material in a deeper, more concrete way. Groups that are effective generate positive energy, encourage active participation, instill discipline, and require commitments from members. These skills are certainly important for learning.

  • Paul Stays Home

    Little Paul is sad because he can’t go out. He can’t see his friends or visit his grandparents. Like everyone else, he has to wait until the coronavirus pandemic is over. 

  • SpaceX Dragon Rocket Simulator

    Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, a.k.a SpaceX, is a privately owned American aerospace manufacturing and space travelling services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. With the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars, SpaceX was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk.