Guidelines for a Safe, Productive, and Respectful usage of an ICT Lab

Whenever you use an ICT lab and you do not see any visible rules and regulations on how to use the facility, observe the following;


  • Keep noise levels low to avoid disrupting others who are working or studying. Avoid playing loud music 
  • Follow Instructions: Follow all posted guidelines, procedures, and safety protocols seen on the wall.
  • Protect Equipment: Handle ICT equipment with care to prevent damage and report any malfunctioning equipment or technical issues to lab staff immediately.
  • Secure Personal Belongings: Use lockers or designated storage areas if available.
  • Use Resources Responsibly: Utilize lab resources, including computers, software, and peripherals, for educational or research purposes only and seek permission from lab staff before installing or downloading any software on lab computers.
  • Practice Cybersecurity: Keep login credentials confidential and do not share them with others. Log out of accounts and secure personal information before leaving a computer and report any suspicious activities or security concerns to lab staff immediately.


  • No Food or Drink: Do not consume food or drinks near ICT equipment to prevent spills and damage.
  • No Unauthorized Access: Do not attempt to access restricted areas or tamper with lab equipment and respect all posted signage indicating restricted access zones.
  • No Personalization of Equipment: Do not modify or personalize lab equipment without permission from lab staff and avoid changing system settings or configurations without authorization.
  • No Unauthorized Software Installation: Do not install or download unauthorized software on lab computers and seek permission from lab staff if specific software is required for your work.
  • No Illegal Activities: Do not engage in any illegal activities, including hacking, unauthorized access, or distribution of copyrighted material, and respect all local, regional, and national laws governing online conduct and intellectual property rights.