Feeling Frustration And How You Could Deal With It

People I (Mostly) Admire is a podcast hosted by Steven Levitt, the iconoclastic University of Chicago economist and co-author of the Freakonomics book series, who tracks down other high achievers and asks questions that only he would think to ask. Guests include all-time Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, Harvard psychologist and linguist Steven Pinker, and WNBA champion Sue Bird. The weekly show features conversations with a wide array of guests — from actresses to athletes, authors to inventors.

In this podcast by Steve and guest, David Epstein talks about why frustration is a good sign, and why the 10,000-hour rule is definitely not a rule.

Listen to the podcast: David Knows Something About Almost Everything

So Frustration A Good Sign?

Let us give you the bad news first – no one is immune from frustration. But there is good news – depending on how you deal with frustration, it can be a powerful catalyst for change in your life! Frustration itself won’t help you change, but it’s how you respond to frustration that will allow you to cross over to the other side. It’s a stepping stone to realize your fullest potential.

Frustration, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and discontent are good signs, in the face of mediocrity.

It is worth conceding that contentment is usually better than frustration. It expresses self-confidence, self-knowledge, and acceptance of the way things are.

A project leader is frustrated that things aren’t just right. Frankly, if you aren’t frustrated, you’ve accepted mediocrity. Passion creates frustration.

3 Reasons Leaders Feel Frustration

  1. Leaders lean toward being control freaks. Trying to control things is frustrating. Yes, the only thing you can control is you. You keep telling yourself that but somehow it doesn’t always sink in.
  2. Working to change things is seldom easy and often frustrating.
  3. When you’re passionate about excellence it’s disappointing to miss it.

It’s not popular to confess dissatisfaction and frustration. You probably know you should have more self-confidence, calmness, and contentment. But you feel you are not where some think you should be. Frankly, that’s a good assessment. Sometimes you find your lack of contentment frustrating.

6 Ways To Deal With Frustration

  1. Move from ‘I don’t like’ to ‘I want.’
  2. Shift from the past to the future.
  3. Focus on what not who.
  4. Speak your frustrations in a safe environment. A friend may help you realize you’re out of balance.
  5. Frequently stop and celebrate small wins.
  6. Don’t express disappointment in the heat of the moment. Your outbursts cause people to protect themselves from you.

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