Group Studying and Its Effectiveness to Learners

Have you ever wondered why it is important to form an effective study group? Effective study groups can help students learn course material in a deeper, more concrete way. Groups that are effective generate positive energy, encourage active participation, instill discipline, and require commitments from members. These skills are certainly important for learning.

R. Keith Sawyer, Ph.D., associate professor of education in Arts & Sciences at Washington University through painstaking research, has identified two patterns of group dynamics that show why group study is optimal.

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Time and time again, group study has become a dilemma for many learners, leaving some of them unsettled with the idea of going at it alone. One of the problems is that some learners are convinced that strength in numbers will help them academically; however, this does not mean that the potential of studying in groups should be altogether dismissed.

Here are a few tips that students should consider when making the commitment for form an effective study group:

  • Your group should not exceed 5 members.
  • There should be a group leader who determines meeting locations, study session times and keeps the group informed about next week’s subject.
  • The group should determine what they will cover from the start; the leader will only ensure that the group stays on track.
  • Be sure to review together, go over difficult homework questions, and address any other problems group members face during class.
  • Don’t forget to do a quick wrap up, summarizing the important details.
  • Remember: this is not class, so feel free to have fun with your group!
  • Bond by spending time together outside of class and aside from the group.
  • Use online technologies accessible to everyone.

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