Decades of Impact

TECHAiDE provides technology solutions to empower.
We believe proper use of technology has the highest
impact on people’s growth and development.

9,752 Teachers Trained

Ghana’s National Teaching Council (NTC) Certified Teacher Training and Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Educational Programme

TECHAiDE offers a number of Training packages for schools, teachers, and students. These training packages help teachers in advancing their careers, improving the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) results of students as well as equip anyone with STEM skills needed for the 21st centry.

175 Locations

We deploy quality ICT solutions whilst following professional systems such as needs assessment.
The state of education in areas where we deployed our solutions has yielded positive results both for the people in the areas as well as the international development partners with whom we’ve worked.

We have also completed projects for Education, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and Government.

391,585 Students Impacted

Schools have improved the test scores of their students as well the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) results of their candidates annually, thanks to carefully created educational solutions like EDULab and ASANKA

Impact Assessment Reports

Our research follows the IRIS+ system, a comprehensive framework for conducting and reporting impact evaluations. IRIS+ ensures that our evaluations are rigorous, transparent, and relevant to policymakers and practitioners.

Keep up to date with our latest news and insights

Keep up to date with our latest news and insights