Hybrid model of learning is not only important during times such as COVID -TECHAiDE C.O.O

Earlier this morning Mr. FJ Cava, Chief Operations Officer of TECHAiDE stated that the hybrid model is not only important during times such as COVID but also because technology is being integrated into everything that we do. He further added that if it is not fully integrated into education, kids are losing out.

Mr. Cava was a panelist on EdTech Monday, a platform for EdTech Entrepreneurs, Education stakeholders, and government representatives to facilitate critical conversation on the use of technology for teaching and learning.

EdTech Monday is an initiative of the Mastercard Foundation Regional Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT. It is part of the foundation’s strategy to find solutions to Africa’s youth employment by closing gaps in access to quality education and advancing the integration of technology in education policies and practices across Africa.

EdTech Monday builds on the foundation’s Young Africa Works strategy in Ghana with the vision of harnessing opportunities to shape the future of work and to create an inclusive economy with enhanced resilience for young people especially women by 2030.

The Mastercard Foundation has partnered with MEST Africa to bring EdTech Monday airing on the last Monday of every month.

Catch the show live at 9 am on the Citi Breakfast Show or watch it facebook live via Citi973fm or MEST Africa

TECHAiDE is a technology social enterprise that improves education, youth development and health delivery, through ICT.