IoT Network Hub & The Gambian Educational Lab 1

It is common knowledge that data is the new oil, with enough data we can make better decisions to improve our daily lives which is the primary goal of building smarter devices for a smarter community. In The Gambia, TECHAiDE is in partnership with the IoT Network Hub-Banjul, the Internet of Things (IoT) Network Chapter in The Gambia to provide better analytics and smarter ways of building simple tools through internet technologies.

Founded in June 2019 by young Gambians who are willing to help in the development of their communities, The Banjul Chapter of IoT Network Hub is a fast-growing tech community of innovators, developers, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and markers who are teaming together to explore emerging technologies and build innovative solutions that solve problems and challenges in The Gambia and Africa at large. With the use of emerging technologies, the community shares ideas, combines skills, assists members with their projects, and trains upcoming tech enthusiasts.

The partnership will train young Gambians in Robotic, Arduino, VR, 3D Printing, and STEM education through the TECHAiDE-Makerspace, an ultra-modern Makerspace which presents an opportunity for members of the community to receive hands-on experience for project simulations.

“The state-of-the-art lab will restore our activities as a community because we now have a space to train community members thanks to TECHAiDE”, says Mr. Omar Dye Ceesar, President, Internet of Things, The Gambia.

The Makerspace is an installation of the Gamoransa Model Laboratory situated at St. Joseph’s All-Girls Senior Secondary School to meet the ICT needs of learners in the City of Banjul. The ICT center is a 50-seater EDULab GOLD furnished with TECHAiDE Makerspace. The project which is funded by the Helping Africa Foundation under the Yamoransa Model will serve a number of schools within the City of Banjul while providing them with the best opportunities for practical education experience to improve their standard of learning.

Specifically, IoT Network in The Gambia, Banjul through the training partnership will enable students to build Competent Skills including problem-solving, creative thinking, creative thinking, teamwork communication, collaboration, leadership, adaptability, flexibility, and analytical thinking skills and prepare them for second and tertiary cycle educations.

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