Learning in the Time of COVID-19

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of schools around the world are closed and children are stuck at home while government orders shelter-in-place / stay-at-home. This causes children to lose access to education. Often giving them to much free time and not enough structure. Many families are currently struggling to figure out ways to keep their children occupied while also not having them fall behind in school.

One solution is, of course, the internet. The internet has almost an unlimited supply of resource for school children to gain access and learn from, but it is an unorganized, chaotic mess of information that is difficult to figure out what is best for your child to learn. The other challenge with the internet is that it also has non-educational content, as well as, non-child safer content, so adult monitoring is required when allowing children to surf the web. Finally, monthly internet charges can get expensive during these uncertain financial times.

TECHAiDE has taken all of these problems and solved them with one simple to use device called ASANKA (www.myasanka.com).

Ok so let’s explain what an ASANKA is in simple terms.

The device has free educational materials (books, worksheets, videos, quizzes, games and more) stored on it in digital form for students from Nursery to SHS. You have access to the educational materials by connecting to it using your phone, laptop, desktop PC or a WIFI-enabled device just like the way you connect your phone to the internet.

An important feature of the device is that you do not need the internet to access it so there is no need to spend money on internet data. You have access to it 24/7. Just connect and learn from over 50 subjects following the new GES curriculum. It has only child-safe content so no adult monitoring is required.

So simply put, it is like a MiFi device that gives you child-safe educational content for FREE but not the internet. So with a one-time purchase of an ASANKA, your children can continue to learn at home and not fall behind in school while everyone needs to stay-at-home during this pandemic. Finally, even AFTER the pandemic is over an ASANKA will give your child an advantage at home because they can continue to learn, play, and have fun without a teacher, or internet/data charges.

For more information or to buy one online visit ‪www.myasanka.com‬.