Teach A Man to Fish – Start Your Own Financially Self-Sufficient School

Teach a Man to Fish – Start Your Own Financially Self-Sufficient School

What does Teach a Man to Fish do? Their School-Business Model gives young people an empowering education to help them succeed in life. They provide training, step-by-step guides, mentoring, and peer networks to help schools set up and run a profitable student-led business.

Local partnership is one of their core principles. They believe that they can transform the futures of young people around the world by building the capacity of regional partners and the Ministry of Education.

Teach A Man To Fish opened its first regional office in Uganda in 2014. With growing figures of youth unemployment across the country and pockets of low student retention rates in some regions, their programmes equip young people with the tools they need for success at school and beyond.

Teach A Man to Fish’s work also focuses on the economic empowerment of young girls in marginalised areas. Alongside the School Enterprise Challenge, they are working with Opportunity International on their Empowerment for Girls’ Education (EGE) project across fourteen schools in Uganda. The purpose of this project is to improve the learning, retention and transition of girls through the delivery of financial literacy and life skills training.

Teach A Man to Fish has a ‘School-in-a-Box’ series, which offers step-by-step instructions to help you set up a financially self-sufficient school. You can use these guides to master a range of planning and management tools, as well as learn from case studies and real-life examples of school businesses.

Here is their first: Manuel 1 Start Your Own Financially Self-Sufficient School.

We will post all the manuals in subsequent blog posts.

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