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Over 9,752 teachers, students, and corporate organizations have been educated in training programs such as Makerspace, EDULab, and ASANKA.
It is your turn to be equipped with life-changing skills.
Become empowered and ahead of the pack after undergoing any of the fun and important training programs that we now exclusively offer.

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Makerspace Training

Training suitable for: Anyone interested in learning more about Robotics, 3D Printing, AR/VR systems, and Electronics.

Get all the skills you need in your ICT education by being trained in these exciting components of Makerspace

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EDULab Training

Training suitable for: Educators trying to impact the future lives of students and youth.

Be trained on how to use arguably the best educational resource designed to improve teaching and learning, especially in ICT, Science, English, and Mathematics as well as testing for examination performance.

If you are an educational institution or teacher, this EDULab training is the boost you need to improve how you aid students in exploring and managing educational resources for better learning outcomes.

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ASANKA Training

Training suitable for: Anyone interested in improving their basic education. As well as how to get the most out of your ASANKA.

Explore the full standard use of the ASANKA device. Also get to know the best way to teach students on how to navigate through the ASANKA for better learning outcomes, improved test scores and higher classroom engagement.

An ASANKA training is a needed resource for anyone using an ASANKA.

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