TECHAiDE implements Plan Int. Ghana’s e-Learning Pilot Project.

Beneficiary : 

Tanvaare Methodist JHS, Nyoli R/C JHS, Busa M/A JHS, Sing M/A JHS, Boli M/A JHS

Location : 

Wa West and Wa Municipal

Year : 


Technology : 

Project Brief

Following TECHAiDE’s ideal innovative system implementation, Plan International Ghana, an NGO, which has been working in Ghana over the past 25 years contracted TECHAiDE to install a 10-seater EDULab Premium for 5 schools in the Upper West region of Ghana. Beneficiaries of the e-Learning pilot project were:

  • Tanvaare Methodist JHS (Baleufili)
  • Nyoli R/C JHS(Nyoli)
  • Busa M/A JHS(Busa)
  • Sing M/A JHS(Sing)
  • Boli M/A JHS(Boli).

The implemented project focuses on building the capacity of both teachers and school children in IT to be able to access broad educational information to enhance teaching and learning and ultimately improve student performance in both internal and external examinations. Moreover, TECHAiDE installed ASANKA for all the project sites. ASANKA is a system that compiles and delivers rich content in a user-friendly and easy to access format hosted on low cost, low powered durable device( In addition, TECHAiDE will continue with monitoring, online servicing, support to teachers, assessment, and evaluation of the IT project for the next 12 months.

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