By Sodey Haidor Gabriel

How to Set Up Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp in 2023

What is two-step verification in WhatsApp?
It is an additional feature added to improve security to a WhatsApp account. It helps a WhatsApp user to create and confirm a unique PIN that will be required to access your account.

How to Set Up and Use Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp.
When it comes to online accounts, safety and security are of the utmost importance. Below are the steps involved in setting up a two-step verification on WhatsApp;

  1. On your WhatsApp go to settings

  2. Select Account

  3. Select Two-Step Verification

  4. Select Turn on

  5. Enter a 6-Digit secret PIN and confirm it
  6. Add an email address to help you reset your PIN if you forget it
  7. Enter the password of the email address provided
  8. Finally tap done