Inside Scoop: What You Need to Know About AIRTAD That Everyone Is Talking About

As TECHAiDE, has been selected to participate in this year’s edition of the Annual Impact Roundtable Discussion (AIRTAD) and Robotics Competition, we extend a special invitation to visit our booth to experience firsthand what we have to offer. The three-day event will take place in the main auditorium of the University of Professional Studies, Accra, from Monday, February 26th, to Wednesday, February 28th, 2024. As leaders in your respective industries, we believe this event will be of great interest to you.

This year’s AIRTAD promises to be even more impactful than previous editions. We also wish to share some key insights about this exceptional event that has been making a positive impact on STEAM education in Ghana.

The AIRTAD and Robotics Competition serve as an extension of the Yamoransa Model Labs Program, which is held annually to assess the program’s impact on students and showcase its achievements. This year’s theme, “The Yamoransa Model Labs Program – Investing in the Future,” underscores the program’s commitment to fostering education and innovation.

Initiated by the Helping Africa Foundation (HAF), the Yamoransa Model Labs Program aims to establish ICT Educational Labs and Robotic Centers across the 16 regions of Ghana. The program focuses on providing quality education and promoting STEAM education, with successful implementation in 13 regions of Ghana and 1 region in The Gambia.

The AIRTAD event will feature roundtable discussions, robotics exhibitions, and competitions among the beneficiaries of the Yamoransa Model Labs Program. It is an excellent opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of this program and engage with like-minded individuals who are passionate about education and innovation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the AIRTAD and Robotics Competition and showcasing the incredible work being done to advance STEAM education in Ghana. Join us as we invest in the future of education and innovation.