Dear School Teacher, What do you do during your school break?

School breaks are great periods not only for students but also the teachers. As a teacher, here are some five ways you can make the most of your break:

  1. Reflect on your teaching practices: School breaks offer teachers a great opportunity to reflect on their teaching practices, review their lesson plans, and evaluate their effectiveness. You can take the time to consider what worked well and what did not as well as identify areas you can improve your teaching strategies.
  2. Attend professional development workshops or conferences: During school breaks, your school might offer professional development opportunities for the teachers. These programmes make it possible for you to learn new skills, get inspired, and network with other professionals in the field.
  3. Read professional literature: You can use the break period to catch up on professional literature related to the subject you teach. This can help you to be updated on the latest trends in education and bring new ideas to your classrooms.
  4. Plan for upcoming school term: As a teacher, use the school break to create new lesson plans and set goals for the term period ahead. This can help you start the new term feeling organized and prepared.
  5. Offer  your services to families: Most parents wish to keep their children busy in productive activities during the school break. Not only does school breaks afford children an ample amount of playtime but they can also use the time to study courses or develop skills that will be beneficial to them. A good way a teacher like yourself can make your services useful to a family is by signing up to training platforms like the TECHAiDE Certified Trainers Network (TCTN) to offer either extra classes, e-learning, online learning or personalized training to such children. This enables you to have another way to earn income.

In sum, the school break provides an opportunity for teachers like you to recharge, reflect and grow as professionals. By taking advantage of this time, you can return to the classroom not only feeling refreshed but also making extra cash.