What is TECHAiDE Certified Trainers Network (TCTN) ?

A few days ago we made a big announcement. It was about the TECHAiDE Certified Trainers Network also known as the TCTN. This blog is to simply introduce you to the TCTN.

The TECHAiDE Certified Trainers Network (TCTN) is a one-stop destination for connecting with highly qualified trainers who can help individuals, students and organizations reach their full potential.

Stated differently, trainers and teachers can earn extra money by completing a profile on the TCTN platform for visibility and easy connection to learners and parents who use the platform and are interested in their services. Also learners and parents get to benefit from easy access to qualified trainers and teachers to improve their skills and studies. 

Trainers and teachers can set up their profiles by visiting tctn.techaide.global and follow the simple sign up processes. Learners and parents can also visit the platform to easily search for their needed and qualified trainer or teacher nearby.