Jokkolabs Banjul: The First TECHAiDE Certified ICT Partner In The Gambia

In each country where TECHAiDE works, we develop an ecosystem of entrepreneurial technology companies that provide skilled and cost-effective installation and support services for organizations in need of empowering ICT – our unique approach strengthens local capacity and ICT project sustainability.

At TECHAiDE, we share a strong ecosystem of partners in designing, implementing, and supporting information and communications technology (ICT) projects throughout Africa. Partnerships are formed through innovative certification and training programs that empower local ICT entrepreneurs with increased visibility, knowledge sharing, resource acquisition, and high-value job creation. TECHAiDE Certified ICT Partners (TCIP)s are established companies that have a track record of ICT innovation, delivery & maintenance within the communities they serve.

TECHAiDE has collaborated with its first TCIP in Africa, Jokkolabs-Banjul to set up the first Gamoransa Model Laboratory situated at St. Joseph’s All-Girls Senior Secondary School to meet the ICT needs of learners in the City of Banjul. The ICT center is a 50-seater EDULab GOLD furnished with TECHAiDE Makerspace. The project which is funded by the Helping Africa Foundation under the Yamoransa Model will serve a number of schools within the City of Banjul while providing them with the best opportunities for practical education experience to improve their standard of learning.

Jokkolabs-Banjul is part of the network of Jokkolab Hubs – an independent non-profit organization that is an open innovation ecosystem, a virtual cluster for social transformation based on an organic community of entrepreneurs, and a network of innovation centers with a focus to ensure that people everywhere in The Gambia especially women and the youth have access to digital skills and digital-oriented programs to foster innovation in education and development as a means of promoting economic sustainability based on the United Nations’ SDGs and The Gambia National Development Plan. This open and collaborative dynamic aims to contribute to the collective achievement of shared prosperity.

TCIPs are scaling the impact of TECHAiDE by expanding our business activity into rural and underserved areas, building capacity, and increasing revenues at the same time.

If you are a technology-oriented entrepreneur or organization looking for a collaboration to further improve on your activities, send us an email via