Innovations, Inventions and Icons from Africa – IoT Appears in 100 List

The world is used to seeing Africa as a continent of need – but we are a continent of creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers, and professionals.

Our universities and research institutions are not ivory towers of elite knowledge. Instead, we consider real problems faced by fellow Africans.

The many innovations that Africans have produced to address the problems raised by COVID-19 are just a hint of what we can do as a continent. Our young people need to know and develop their own potential as Africans to help the world solve humanity’s wicked problems. It is time that we begin thinking of ourselves in the light of what we can offer the world. To do so, we need to invest in research that will build our own potential. This is no small task. But it is essential to our future.

In celebration of FORBES AFRICA’s hundredth issue, it has curated a list celebrating African ideas, inventions, and influential role models that have spelled Africa’s growth over the last decade. In the most recent issue our partner Joshua Opoku Agyemang, CEO of Internet of Things (IoT) Hub Africa, was featured.

Here’s a list of all 100 Innovations, Inventions & Icons From Africa’.

In an attempt to contribute to the mitigation of COVID-19 in Ghana, 27-year-old Joshua developed three solutions under the term “Hack CoronaV”. The project has so far invented Touchless Washing Buckets, 3D Printed Reusable and Recyclable Facemasks and an AI-powered Smart Home System.

At TECHAiDE, we encourage innovations through an approach that improves education and economic opportunity for Africans, and one of the ways we do this is with our Makerspace product. Indeed, Africa is not only diverse in its people but also in its industries and creativity.

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