Girls in Technology

Today’s parents and educators are making a clear effort to close the gender gap and resist stereotypes. For instance, the long-held belief that boys are better in math and science is being challenged openly in classrooms, families, and even in clothing stores.

We want boys and girls to both have an equal shot at a fair education and a successful future. As the future points towards more STEM-based careers, it is even more important to fight back against the belief that computer-based careers are for men. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider how today’s children are using technology.

This generation is well-versed in technology, you seldom see a teenager without a cell phone. But studies suggest that even though both genders are using digital tools regularly, they are using them in different ways.

Today’s girls are just as familiar with technology as their boy peers; however, they are using digital tools differently. According to studies, women tend to use digital tools for communication. For instance, girls tend to use social media to communicate more often than boys. And, girls are using social networking to communicate about school.

As STEM skills are anticipated to be necessary for future careers, educators are making a clear effort to close the gender gap using digital tools. Teachers are finding ways to engage students with both digital tools that allow for play and conversation.

Report by the New Digital Learning Playbook indicates that while history may state that texting is pervasive for all students, the data demonstrates that while almost three‐quarters of high school girls across all levels say they regularly use text messaging to communicate with classmates about schoolwork, significantly fewer boys are doing the same.

At TECHAiDE, we resolve that creating products and services aimed at empowering girls and women as equal as their male counterparts in technological pursuits will enable them to contribute more to, and have a greater voice in, the field of technology.

ASANKA is one of those technologies that was designed by Ghanaians for Ghanaians to empower young girls. ASANKA does this through one of its games which is a self-directed game to teach young girls positive life choices.

It is our hope that increased exposure to technological activities directed specifically towards girls at school will help increase confidence and interest in the area.

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