Empowering Educators through Professional Learning Toolkit

The U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology (OET) develops national educational technology policy and establishes the vision for how technology can be used to transform teaching and learning and how to make everywhere, all-the-time learning possible for early learners through K-12, higher education, and adult education.

We understand that the Ghanaian educational environment is different than the American one, but there may be some useful resources that can help you in your classroom and school.

OET presents a Professional Learning toolkit which provides educators with a multi-step decision-making process, practical tools, and numerous examples for setting a trajectory of positive change, moving assertively toward achievement of student learning and improvement goals.

The toolkit recognizes that improvements in student learning are related to improvements in educator practice and that strengthened practice is supported by research and standards-based professional learning.

Navigate through the toolkit below. You may choose to move linearly from one step to the next, or skip directly to a particular step.

Step 1: Determine District Readiness

Step 2: Assess Current Professional Learning

Step 3: Refine Professional Learning

Step 4: Implement Professional Learning

Step 5: Measure Refined Professional Learning

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