ASANKA-Free Information Delivery Architecture

TECHAiDE’s ASANKA is a WiFi device that delivers free (educational, health, economic, agricultural, e-government) content through your web browser without using the Internet. Coined from the Ghanaian word for “community bowl”, the ASANKA enables users to accesss a virtual community dish of free information for all; thus a single ASANKA supports up to 20 WiFi-enabled devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets and smart television screens over a Web 2.0 format at a given time.

For the purposes of education, ASANKA comes preloaded with Ghana Educational Content ranging from quizzes, reading materials, videos, games and user analytics as well as surveys for collecting feedback. Content is presented in various downloadable formats, all are free. Users can also load own content from an ASANKA Cloud Account (ACA), which is a file hostng service that offers cloud storage and file synchronization with your ASANKA anywhere around the world.

See how the ASANKA works HERE

TECHAiDE’s ASANKA can deliver a faster distribution of content that most traditional means in areas where there is no internet service. The technology is cheaper to use than print materials and updates to content can be applied promptly through an ACA.

In a classroom setting, it is easier to distribute lots of content to many learners at the same time without the use of the internet. Educators can customise content in varied multimedia formats for learners. They can also customise content to suit teaching and learning. To access content, they simply need to connect with any WiFi-enabled device to browse pre-loaded content at no additional costs, including no internet data costs.

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