Plan Ghana Contracts TECHAiDE

Plan Ghana, an international NGO contracted TECHAiDE to conduct a Needs Assessment for eight (8) Junior High Schools in the Northern part of Ghana aimed at implementing an e-Learning solution to improve teaching and learning. The assessment was conducted by Mr. Kafui Prebbie (CEO) & Mr. Selassie Anku (ICT Manager) on From Monday November 19, 2018 to Wednesday, 21st November, 2018. The beneficiaries schools included Tanvaare Methodist Primary & JHS, Dornye R/C Primary & JHS, Wachiau D/A Primary & JHS, Nyoli R/C Primary & JHS, Busa M/A Primary & JHS, Sing M/A Primary & JHS, Boli M/A Primary & JHS and Poyentanga R/C Primary & JHS.

Client:  Plan Ghana
Beneficiary: 8 Junior High Schools
Location: Upper West Region
Year: 2018