We deliver our services on a high standard of quality and professionalism. In line with our corporate policy, we assume a three phased process to execute our assignments and meet deliverables. We refer to these phases as the 3D approach – Design, Develop, and Deploy.

Customized Training

Our training solutions are provided in a range of delivery formats to suit your needs. We work together with you to understand your current position, goals, objectives and training needs. We then leverage our resources, the experience and knowledge of our worldwide network of professionals, to tailor our existing products or develop new material in order to meet your training needs.

Open ERP Setup

We believe that this traditional view of entrepreneurship, which seeks to suggest, “Entrepreneurs are born and not made” is no longer tenable and that businesses, within the current global economic environment, cannot possibly continue to operate on the basis of “luck”. The need for formal training in entrepreneurship therefore cannot be overlooked.

Power Backup & Solar Installations

We offer high performance solar panels and battery back-ups for solutions in areas with no power and battery banks for continuous and filtered power in areas with unstable grid power supplies.


Voice and SMS Messaging

We offer a complete end to end service platform which allows the subscribers to enjoy voice and SMS based value added services. Voice and SMS services can be utilized as both outbound and inbound applications.