For results, we undertake client or partner familiarisation visits, needs assessments, review and analyse the information gathered on the ground and present formal recommendations with options. Finally we execute projects with our products and provide detailed reports on completion.

Our range of products aimed at improving lives – especially for rural areas and or those who need it most!


Educational Technology


Content Delivery


EDULab is an educational resource that utilizes carefully selected, appropriate low cost, rugged and robust hardware and software technologies to improve teaching and learning. The hardware of EDULab consists of Low Voltage and Rugged Computing Stations, Low Voltage and Virtual Desktop Computing systems combined to harness the full power of computers to serve under resourced and rural communities.

EDULab has genuine operating system, may have a filtered power (battery & solar power backups) to protect equipment, Mobile Data Router for Rural Internet Connectivity, and Layered Security Application to preserve your computer’s desired configuration as well as Educational Software to meet the approved curriculum.

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ASANKA is a very low energy consumption content delivery device which has a wireless capability that many devices like smart phones and laptops can connect to once powered. The device is categorized into three main domains; which are School, Life Skills and Practical Resources.

The LifeSkills section has content for youth and girl empowerment. It has materials in various formats like videos, scenario based games and documents on topics like building self-confidence, legal rights, planning one’s future and other content to empower girls. The practical section has diverse offline versions of very educative and well censored web contents. This is a sure way of providing age appropriate content for young people and an opportunity for people who can’t have access to the internet.

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