Information and Communication Technology

Technology Integration Strategy

The effects of technology can be seen in almost all aspects of modern life, and development practice is no exception. Our quest to provide sustainable and cost effective technology solutions has fuelled our passion for constant research. Our strategy sessions aid to design the use of technology services like mobile and computing devices, wireless networks, online resources, digital training. We are always improving what we do with technology in development projects and how we do it to better serve our partners.


Technology Project Management

Every technology project should begin with two questions: What problem are we trying to solve? And does everyone agree it’s worth the effort to solve it? We do this by planning, organizing and delineating responsibility for the completion of our partners’ specific information technology (IT) goals. We oversee software development, hardware installations, network upgrades, virtualization rollouts, and data management.


SMS & Voice Messaging

Our team develops mobile applications, provides Bulk SMS (1-Way) and Interactive SMS Communication (2-Way) via Short Code and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Applications include data collection, project administration and management, surveys, education & health delivery, farming and poverty alleviation schemes amongst others.

Technology Needs Assessment & Impact Survey

Understanding your community is essential to providing patrons with the technology services they need. Project funders and managers need to understand likely patterns of acceptance and resistance to introducing an innovation. Our service is designed specifically for institutions that want to better understand their communities before project deployment and how people used the technology resources and services.

Mobile Data Collection

Partners greatly appreciate our powerful mobile, web and cloud based project management and data collection tool that provides reliable and accurate real-time data from the field critical for planning and decision-making by companies, NGOs and research institutions. Its is applied in such endeavors as making resource allocation decisions in healthcare, education, public utilities, and law enforcement; treatment decisions and giving treatment guidance for patients in rural areas; monitoring and measuring the impact of point-of-sale actions; market research via consumer face-to-face surveys; monitoring infrastructure installation and maintenance; and environmental monitoring such as natural park mapping and forestry planning. The service is powered by POIMAPPER and Open Data Kit (ODK)

Sustainable Energy Solutions

High performance solar panels and battery back-ups for solutions in areas with no power and battery banks for continuous and filtered power in areas with unstable grid power supplies.