Entrepreneurship is critical to transforming lives of youth and women for financial self-sufficiency and development. TechAide implements SME trainings, encourages access to markets and expands access to local capital, which in turn allows for greater sustainable economic activity and opportunity.


Our SME Program Development Strategy is based on the academically proven concept of community resource mobilization – Access to Markets, Access to Capital, Access to Education – is a fundamental framework for entrepreneurial development and SME creation. This strategy is based on research that:

Access to Education

Without education, the possibility of SME success is longer and more expensive.

Access to Capital

Without sufficient initial capitalization, there is a greater likelihood of failure within the first two years of operation

Access to Markets

Without access to markets, there is a reduced chance of economic self-sufficiency and growth.


Our SME trainings work with culturally appropriate, time tested, youth and women learning techniques to allow you to start your own business or to bring your business to the next level. Three of the most needed areas of support are Marketing, Finance and Management.